Sharpie projects

Give it a shot and let me know how it turns out for you. So here is what I did, and my results. So stock up on some metallic, paint and regular old Sharpies, and get to work creating something beautiful.

My son had just gotten a brand new 24 count pack of Sharpies and was in HEAVEN when I told him he could have the iPad and just go through as many tutorials as he wanted.

50 Coolest Sharpie Crafts Ever Created

It would make the perfect accent to your holiday dress. I had never really thought seriously about building one, but I caught the building bug after reading about sharpies in Wooden Boat Magazine and Reuel Parker's Sharpie Book.

The most versatile vessel in the world meets Sharpies and our minds explode. Learn how easy it is to make your mark with the ultimate doodling tool.

I loved the idea just think of all the possibilities. The dots will be heavy at the edge of the leaves and fade out. If however it is purely decorative, spray away. Still, I love the result and actually like how subtle the colors are.

DIY Watercolor Sharpie Planter

We only put links to products we love and would recommend anyway. If you can color inside the lines then you can do this project. No-Carve Sugar Skull Pumpkins: Sharpie projects this sharpie is just out of the shop I've already ordered plans for a next boat s.

A dishwasher may wreck the painted design. Another awesome gift idea for family and friends, as these plates make creative home decor. Be sure that they are securely stuck with no air bubbles, especially around the edges.

Sharpie Tie Dye This activity takes just a little more supervision, but if you have a big kid like my 12 year oldthen your children are perfectly fine to do this one on their own. Give a personalized gift to your favorite mama-to-be.

We just love the surprising pop of color. Place your plate into a cold oven and set it to degrees. Is the bead store a snooze fest. Schooner and Dory, loyal companions and consultants.

Beautiful but also a super cool craft project to make. That being said, I must confess to now being a boat building addict. First of all, this modern color pop cord lamp is a DIY lamp mind—blown. Creative home Decor on a budget, this one qualifies. This is the type of coolness that takes a home from ehh to bravely amazing… Happy sharpie ing.

Polka Dot Mason Jar: With the heavy leather strap, you'll never have to worry about losing it overboard or dropping it while using it at the campsite. Inexpensive, awesome and even frame worthy. Production costs and allowances have already been established.

Sharpie wallpaper believe it. Add some tape and I was ready to stencil on the letters. So, before I started this project, I did some reading about how this whole Sharpie mug and plate thing really works. Neon Acrylic Desk Accessories: Think of plain gift wrap as an ugly duckling who can go from awkward to swan-levels of awesome in seconds with hand drawn shapes in metallic Sharpie.

15 DIY Sharpie Art Projects That Double As Gifts Pinterest featured this great tutorial and we instantly fell in love! Just look at what you can do with the right pair of shoes and a couple of Sharpie markers!

We love Sharpie craft projects around here, so for a Mother’s Day gift for my mom last year, the kids and I made these DIY Marble Coasters. This Sharpie School Board is a brilliant idea. She used sharpies to lay out the permanent features like the calendar grid and the notes section and uses dry erase markers to change the month and notes.

There is a trend going around Pinterest right now showing dozens of different projects involving Sharpies. One of those projects is using a Sharpie to write on dinner ware, baking it in the oven, and then it is supposed to be permanently baked into the dishes.

Okay, two-ish years ago I saw my first Sharpie Wall.

Easy Sharpie Craft Projects Anyone Can Do

Love at first sight. It was the most engenious, amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Shockingly, it was from my girl, Mandi at Vintage Revivals. Inside: Fall Leaf Sharpie Plate would make a perfect hostess gift or plate for appetizers.

Monogram Sharpie Mugs

Full tutorial and tips to help you make one too! I love this time of year because it means having lots of friends and family over to celebrate the season.

Sharpie-Embellished Dishes: In our final pick for DIY Sharpie ceramics, feast your eyes on these lovely outlined dishes. We love that this blogger worked with the edges of the vessels, which highlights the unique shapes of the dishes even more.

Sharpie projects
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